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Igniter Firebox

Article no.: 5200000

The maintenance-free, low noise unit with an EC (electronically commutated) motor reliably burns solid fuels, chopped wood, pellets and energy grain.

The heating element is electronically protected without the need for visual monitoring and reliably reaches the pre-set maximum temperature(s). During high pressure operation, a pressurised equalization line is mounted between the primary- or combustion air fan on the discharge side and the ignition box on the extraction side. This guarantees that exhaust or low temperature carbonization gases are not able to flow back through the ignition box at any time. If a flowing back of exhaust or low temperature carbonization gases can be prevented, e.g. through an extractor fan fitted to the chimney, the use of the pressurised equalization line can be omitted.

Mode of operation:

  • The combustion chamber is appropriately filled with the appropriate combustion material
  • The ignition process is started
  • FIREBOX ignites the combustion material with hot air
  • After a successful ignition, the Firebox heating must switched off
  • The blower continues to run for approx. 1 minute to cool off the heating element and pushes fresh air in the combustion chamber

Technical data

Voltage [VAC] 230 V
Frequency [hz] 50/60
Power [KW] 1400
max. Temperature [°C] 650
Weight [kg] 1,1
Measurements [mm - L x B x H] 335 x 85 x 85
Max. air flow by 20°C [l/min] 265
Static pressure [Pa] 2800
Adapter pressure equalization line [mm] 38 outside
Burner pipe Ø 31,5
Connection power 2m cable, 3-pole
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